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"Today I have a stress-free, well organized practice, regularly producing over $100,000 per month...  This truly took months to achieve, not years. To me Judy is the best dental consultant in the country."-ML, DDS

When I take on a client, there is no option for failure. I tell my clients that the only way they can fail with me is if they quit. I never do. I have helped hundreds of dentists reach financial independence.

With what I know, there is no practice I cannot help accomplish this.

- Judy Marcus, President

25+ years consulting private dental practices


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January 1, 2030

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"Dear Judy,


I just wanted to tell you how very much I am enjoying my practice now.


I wanted to sell the practice, leave town and start over somewhere else.  I attributed my lack of practice success to my less than perfect patients, the economy, and other various factors beyond my control.


I had been to a few practice management consultants, and the result was that, after ten years in practice, I was still struggling and stressed out.


After coming to your program, I found out that my patients really weren’t the problem, or the stock market, or the green cheese on the moon. It was my own lack of understanding of the key factors involved in making my practice as productive and profitable as it could be.


Within two months, working fewer hours than before, I had doubled my practice.  Within eight months, my personal income had increased 300%, and the stress and the headaches were gone.  And now, four years later, I am financially independent.


It’s the same practice in the same location.  All that changed is I found out how to run my practice the right way.  Once I found out, doing it was easy.


I also have the practice I always wanted, with extremely satisfied patients, who appreciate the quality care they receive and refer their friends and family.  I couldn’t ask for more.


I can see that what you taught me  will work for virtually any dentist in any practice.  And it is 100% ethical and professional.  I would gladly recommend you to any dentist who is looking to create a quality practice that is fulfilling and rewarding, both professionally and personally.


Thanks for everything!”


N.H., D.D.S.




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