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Why Vanguard?


For over 25 years we have specialized in showing dentists how to run a quality, patient-oriented, comprehensive care practice that produces and collects at its true potential, as modified by the dentist's goals for their practice.


Most of our clients are in solo practice. A few have 1 - 2 partners or associates. They want to grow their practice, but are not interested in seeing hordes of patients per day, or turning their practice into an insurance-driven "factory".


The model and protocols we teach have proven to be workable in the type of practice our clients want. The information does have to be implemented, and we help get this done.


A recent case in point: An associate dentist and her husband contacted us. Their personal income situation was serious. We recommended they start their own practice, from scratch. The dentist had only been an associate up to this point, and her husband had never worked in a dental practice. Naturally they were concerned. We told them we would show them what to do, and help them do it. We did. Within a few months they opened their brand new practice. They saw over 30 qualified new patients their first month, and averaged 58 every month thereafter. They collected enough in their third month to realize a profit. In just over a year, they were collecting what the majority of dentists never see in their whole career.


We have also had dentists come to us after 40 years in practice, and they're still looking for the answers. Time doesn’t build a practice. Doing what works builds a practice. The faster you do what works, the quicker the results.


We focus on what's important, and we don't waste your time on the trivial or the unnecessary. There are many things that won't make the difference between a thriving practice and one that is struggling. There are a few key things that will. We show you these, and help you implement them, in our one and only Practice Accelerator Program.


We had the goal to develop a consulting program that every single dentist in the country could afford, regardless of their circumstances. That goal has been accomplished with the Practice Accelerator Program.

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