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Imagine No More!

The Vanguard "Blueprint" for Practice Prosperity

Training Session



You come to your regularly scheduled half-hour weekly management meeting with your Office Manager, who presents you with various reports to show you what is happening in your practice: Your marketing is working and you are seeing a steady stream of financially qualified new patients every day. Most of the necessary treatment you are prescribing is consistently being accepted. Your production is on target to reach your goals for the week and the month. Collections are at a level that will ensure your income is sufficient to meet your financial goals, as well as reward your hard-working, productive team. There is a sensible plan in place to make sure the above will continue, month after month, that is being implemented for you by your Office Manager. Having completed your management meeting, you can now return to focusing on providing excellent care to your patients, satisfied that the management of your office is being attended to and is in capable hands.


A Message from Judy Marcus, President


Over the past 25+ years working with dentists in private practice, virtually every client has told me how much they love dentistry and helping their patients achieve optimum oral health.


But they also express how they wish there was a way to do this and fully accomplish their practice and financial goals at the same time.


They want to be able to come to work and have a smooth-running, productive, and stress-free practice. They want to do dentistry, help their patients get well, make enough money, and have time to spend with their family.


the Blueprint


Nothing wrong with that!


But how to do it?


"There has to be a simple answer!"


This is what I told myself many years ago.


Faced with a sea of often misleading information, finding that "simple answer" was a challenge.


But I did find it.


That answer is contained today in our Vanguard "Blueprint", an exact model, a simple but precise plan of action that, when applied to virtually any practice, "gets it where it should be."


What is this "Blueprint"?


We cover it fully in our BLUEPRINT FOR PRACTICE PROSPERITY Training Session. The Training Session takes about 2 hours. You can do it from the comfort of your home or office. You do not have to travel. Your Office Manager can attend.


Can you have the practice you always imagined? Absolutely!




All the best,





Judy Marcus


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