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Judy Marcus, President


What does every practice owner want?


A thriving practice. One that has an abundance of qualified new patients calling in who  schedule, arrive, and stay. One that delivers quality comprehensive care, helping patients reach and maintain optimum dental health.


A practice like this would be producing at a high level, with collections closely following. It would be very profitable, as well as personally fulfilling. It would have competent employees working in sync with each other to accomplish the practice goals, and it would have satisfied patients who refer their family and friends.


How is such a practice achieved?


The first step is getting a sufficient number of qualified new patients calling the practice on a regular basis. I’ve been helping dentists in private practice do this for over 25 years. It's not a problem.


What about getting these new patients to arrive in the practice and retaining them?


Over the past 5 years we looked into this in many practices around the country. We found that the majority of practices were losing over 50% of their potential new patients BEFORE THEY EVEN MADE IT INTO THE PRACTICE!


The worst part about this is that most Doctors don’t even realize this is happening, because it’s hidden from view. Dentists are mostly "in the back" delivering dentistry. This can make it difficult to know exactly what’s being said on the phone, or who’s calling in. This 50% loss of potential new patients usually isn't being done intentionally. Most employees just don’t know the right thing to do. They don’t know how to address the questions, challenges and concerns many new patients come up with. Or they’re simply not answering the phone!


I wanted to make sure my clients were getting 80% - 100%  of all new patients who called into their practice SCHEDULED, ARRIVED and STAYING. I did extensive research on how best to accomplish this. I tested my findings with the help of Dr. Jackie O'Beirne, in her practice. It worked! They started successfully scheduling more than 80% of new patients calling in. Then my staff and I tested what I found in other clients' offices. And it worked in these practices too!


I put this all together in my newly completed 31-page EXPERT NEW PATIENT SCHEDULING MANUAL.


Every point our clients ever brought up to us regarding scheduling new patients is covered in this Manual, including questions about insurance, what to do if the practice is out of network, all of the different scenarios one can encounter, along with exactly how each point is successfully addressed.


How does this help you?


1. For a limited time, I am offering my EXPERT NEW PATIENT SCHEDULING MANUAL at NO CHARGE, and with NO OBLIGATION, to any dentist who wants it. Simply contact my company and request your copy of the Manual. This will be sent to you within 2 business days, along with information about our BLUEPRINT for PRACTICE PROSPERITY Training Session.


Why am I sending you information about this Training Session?


2. If you are not attracting the quantity or quality of new patients you want, or if you need help successfully implementing what is covered in the EXPERT NEW PATIENT SCHEDULING MANUAL, the BLUEPRINT Training Session is for you.


The Training Session includes exactly how to attract quality new patients (economically!) and how to successfully implement my EXPERT NEW PATIENT SCHEDULING MANUAL.


The goal: A steady and adequate flow of qualified new patients calling the practice, who SCHEDULE, ARRIVE and STAY!


All the best,




Judy Marcus


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