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Chris Marcus, CEO Vanguard Dental Consultants


What makes Vanguard the right choice for Dentists looking for help with their practice?


Fast results. Fair and affordable fees. With our "Blueprint" practice model I have yet to meet any dentist who could not see significant production and income improvement in their practice within 1 – 3 months.


A review of recent clients who implemented our Blueprint showed an average increase of $31,700 in monthly collections, within 4 months.


Here are some recent CASE HISTORIES demonstrating what can be accomplished when you focus on the right answers to practice growth.


What do we mean by "fair and affordable"?


Our fee is $750 per month, for the first six months. Then $350 per month thereafter if needed.


Our Program is 100% result-based, paid for month-to-month. You can opt out any time you want.


The first month has a 30 day money-back-guarantee. Within 30 days, the dentist will know that coming to us was the best decision he or she made for their practice. If the dentist does not feel that is the case, we refund the money. It's zero risk!


What is the Vanguard Program?


Unlimited expert consulting, coaching and training, provided for the doctor and staff during normal business hours, individually tailored to each practice's situation. Topics addressed as needed: Practice Structure and Organization, Internal and External Marketing, Scheduling, Case Presentation, Patient Financial Arrangements, Staff Hiring and Training, Budgeting and Profit Control.


Written materials including specialized images, charts, proprietary checklists, and articles, all provided in the first 30 days.


Our Program is now as close to perfect as anything we have ever seen. All a client has to do is understand our Blueprint, and implement it. The results materialize.  (Additional Program Details)


What about NEW PATIENTS? Every dentist knows this is a critical aspect of practice growth.


Without question! We take this a step further: We show every client how to attract financially qualified new patients, every month, and not load the practice up with patients who cannot afford needed care.


Do we have follow-up or add-on programs that are more expensive?


No, we don't. What our clients receive and learn on our month-to-month program is everything they need to know to rapidly boost their practice income, and achieve their full practice potential and financial goals.


How long do dentists stay on our Program?


Most clients remain on our Program until they have achieved what they want to accomplish. For some clients that is 2 - 3 months, for others it might be 5 - 7 months. Some clients stay on a bit longer, as they value the excellent advice and help they are receiving on a continuing basis.


Is there an easy way to learn about the Program (before deciding to do it or not)?


Of course. The first step for immediate answers and help is our Blueprint for Practice ProsperitySMTraining Session. It takes 2 hours, costs $65, and is done by phone. The Training Session covers the following:

1. Our Blueprint in complete detail. Exactly why the practice is not producing and collecting at the desired level, and how to remedy it!

2. The exact steps necessary to attract financially qualified new patients, customized to the practice's specific situation.

3. The details of our Program, so you can decide if you want further help implementing our Blueprint. (TRAINING SESSION DETAILS)


Recently, a dentist contacted me who was facing bankruptcy in a month. We did the Blueprint Training Session. For the first time he could see what was actually wrong with his practice, and how this could be remedied quickly and easily ($65). We helped him implement our Blueprint practice model to correct what was wrong ($750). A month later his collections had doubled. Now he can look forward to achieving his practice dreams and goals, instead of bankruptcy.


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