Judy Marcus and Chris Marcus

Advancing The Private Dental Practice for Over 30 Years

Build a Productive and Profitable Practice in a 4-Day Work Week
Attract Quality New Patients Who Can Afford Comprehensive Dentistry

The Training Session is very easy to do. It costs $95, and if you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money. It requires about 90 minutes on the phone with myself and Chris Marcus, our CEO. No travel is required. Convenient appointment times are available.

There is no other obligation, just a sincere desire on your part to make positive changes in your practice so you can earn the income you deserve.

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Judy Marcus

P.S. Some people might think that building a practice to its potential in 3 or 4 months is impossible, even “too good to be true”. “They” say, “It takes 5 years to build a practice.” Really? I’ve met dentists who haven’t built their practice after twenty years! It’s not “time” that builds a practice. It’s what’s in our Blueprint. That’s what builds a practice. Once our Blueprint is implemented, you’re there! In most situations, Chris and I can help you do it in 3 – 4 months. When you do our Training Session, we’ll show you exactly how.

"MUCH higher new patient flow..."

“Judy and Chris has been observing and measuring (and creating) successful dental practices for 30 years. What they really did, is simply to codify and make the things that create a successful dental practice accessible to practically anyone…

The result has been MUCH higher new patient flow, much higher production and collections... (We grew rapidly and are averaging about $30,000 more per month than we ever did before.)

And it's actually easier and less stressful than ever.” – KF, DDS and TF, Office Manager

At Vanguard Dental Consultants, we have 35 years of experience working with private solo dental practices just like yours. With targeted guidance tailored to your unique needs, our mission is to help your practice grow the way it should, increase your net income and achieve your desired level of success, while maintaining a four-day work week.

Quality New Patients

One of the key areas where we excel is assisting dentists to attract financially qualified quality new patients. Our proven methods are specifically designed to help you reach and engage with your ideal patient base – New Patients who can afford comprehensive dentistry. By focusing on effective quality new patient acquisition techniques, tailored to your practice location and demographics, you are positioned to drive a consistent flow of high-value new patients into your practice.

Increased Productivity

Achieving practice growth doesn’t always require big changes, complex restructuring, or a major overhaul. More often, small but impactful adjustments made to your organizational setup and systems, when necessary, are all that are needed to significantly improve and increase productivity, efficiency and income.

Solo Practitioner Dental Practice Experts

For over 30 years we have specialized in providing a realistic and focused approach to practice prosperity and financial success for solo practitioner dental practices (occasionally two doctors) who are desirous of providing quality comprehensive care to their patients in a four-day work week.

Benefit Focused

With Vanguard Dental Consultants, improving your practice production and income does not require you to pay for numerous or expensive courses, trainings, or consulting. Our solutions are grounded in 35 years of real-world application. We provide you with knowledgeable guidance to achieve tangible results without adding unnecessary financial burdens.

Client Testimonials

Unlock Your Practice's Production and Income Potential: Do our Blueprint for Practice Prosperity Training Session

Meet with Judy and Chris Marcus in a one-on-one informative 90-minute training session and discover the key to attracting a dependable flow of quality new patients and building your practice to the level you desire.

• Receive a precise marketing plan tailored specifically to your practice location and demographics that you can use to reliably bring in the number of financially qualified new patients you need – individuals who can afford to pay for their necessary care, regardless of insurance limitations.

• Formulate exact steps you can take to immediately start generating a steady monthly increase in production, collections, and income as you grow towards your practice goals, while maintaining a desirable four-day work week.

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