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"The days of having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on consulting for your practice are over. For just hundreds of dollars, you can now get expert help and advice to assist you in accomplishing your practice goals." - Judy Marcus, President

Judy Marcus – President, Vanguard Dental Consultants

For over thirty years, I have been assisting dentists in solo private practice. Today I can say with confidence that if I or our CEO, Chris Marcus, took over running virtually any dental practice, within three months (give or take a month or so, depending on the situation) we would have monthly collections at minimum $70,000 (with 3 operatories) or $90,000 (with 4). This is with one Doctor, one hygienist, a 4 day work week, and an average fee schedule. (Location can be a factor, but it rarely is.) The Doctor would be freed up to focus on patients and treatment, and I would ensure all of the “front desk” functions were being properly performed.

How would I do this?

I would implement our “Blueprint”, a dental practice Model that would result in: 1. A sufficient number of financially qualified new patients coming into the practice every month. 2. Anything and everything that could be wrong in the practice being fully addressed and corrected, including new patient management, case acceptance, scheduling, collections, staff supervision, overhead control, and profitability.

Can any practice do the same?

It might take a bit longer than three months, but virtually any dental practice can do the same simply by following our Blueprint. When I look at what all of our million dollar practice clients have in common, they implemented our Blueprint. The same holds true for our clients who simply wanted to improve their collections to a more desirable level.

Is it time-consuming for the Doctor to implement our Blueprint?

No. You end up with a productive, well organized, profitable practice, with you freed up to focus on providing care to your patients.

What is the Blueprint?

Our Practice Booster Workshop covers it in detail. It also includes a demographic survey for your practice location, as well as samples of successful marketing pieces being used by our clients, which we will customize for your practice. We will tell you how to use these to attract all the quality new patients you need.

At a Study Club we held for our local clients, we spotlighted a practice we consulted to help implement the Blueprint. They relayed to the group how they initially tried to alter or modify the model we had given them, and how deviating from it caused the practice to be less successful. But when they applied it exactly, the practice grew rapidly, and reached a level where they start the month with $100,000 production already scheduled. (General practice. One dentist. Two hygienists. Open 4 days per week.)

The Workshop is very easy to do. It costs $65, and if you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money. It requires about 90 minutes on the phone with myself and Chris Marcus, our CEO. No travel is required. Convenient appointment times are available.

There is no other obligation, just a sincere desire on your part to make positive changes in your practice so you can earn the income you deserve.

Wishing you all the best,



Judy Marcus

P.S. Some people might think that building a practice to its potential in 3 or 4 months is impossible, even “too good to be true”. “They” say, “It takes 5 years to build a practice.” Really? I’ve met dentists who haven’t built their practice after twenty years! It’s not “time” that builds a practice. It’s what’s in our Blueprint. That’s what builds a practice. Once our Blueprint is implemented, you’re there! In most situations, Chris and I can help you do it in 3 – 4 months. When you do our Practice Booster Workshop, we’ll show you exactly how.

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Vanguard Dental Consultants was founded in 2000 to specialize in 1-2 doctor practices. Judy and Chris Marcus are the owners and consultants, and work personally with every client. 


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During the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences we have continued to assist our clients and other dentists who have turned to us for help. While there are definitely added challenges brought about by the virus and everything that surrounds it, diligently continuing to implement our practice Blueprint has allowed both existing and new clients to rapidly get back up to speed, and beyond, with the least amount of delay and difficulty possible.

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