Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years


John Ifantis, DDS

They also showed me how to increase new patients from under 10 per month to over 35, and these were quality new patients who could afford their needed and prescribed dental care.

I was able to fill my schedule productively, cancellations virtually disappeared, and my practice grew rapidly to over a million a year, working 4 days per week.

Jackie O'Beirne, DDS

I now get about 35 – 40 quality new patients every month, who can afford their needed care and are paying for it. My overhead is down to 60%. My personal income has more than doubled….

I’m doing all this working 4 days per week and I’ve never had to add on more managed care, open extra hours or change the way I do dentistry.

And you know what? I’ve got my million dollar practice. I made it.


As soon as I started the marketing they recommended, calls from quality new patients immediately increased… I used to struggle to get 20 new patients per month, now I get twice as many. Since implementing their New Patient Acquisition System, almost all of my patients follow through and accept the treatment they need…

My numbers in my small 3-operatory practice jumped from less than $45,000 per month to over $70,000.


Stephen Huber, DDS

They told me why the marketing I had tried had failed and showed me what I needed to do instead to not only bring in the number of new patients I wanted, but also new patients who could afford to pay for their needed care when it exceeded what their insurance would cover.

New patients climbed to 30-35 every month and I have never been short since. In fact, right now I’m getting too many! Patients accept and move forward with their treatment at an incredibly high rate. I am making the income I want, and in a 4-day work week.

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Dr. JK & CB

With their help, we dialed in the marketing strategy to bring in quality new patients from Day One and the results occurred exactly as planned! In our first month, we saw over 30 new patients, and we averaged 58 new patients per month every month thereafter.


We learned and implemented an effective marketing program to attract the right type of new patients to my practice. We’ve gotten more new patients each month since putting this in place than I’ve seen in YEARS! 

As of last month, I’ve been averaging close to $100,000 in collections and production – for 5 months running! Of that, less than 50% is from insurance.


I started bringing in greater numbers of new patients and these numbers continued to increase…

What they showed me caused my new patient ‘problem’ to go away and never come back. . .The result is that my practice has steadily grown over the past two years. My new patient numbers, which used to average around 10 per month, are typically around 40. I am collecting and producing three times what I used to before.


After several years in practice on my own, my office was producing and collecting $50,000 per month…

Since implementing (their system), my personal income has increased 500%.  I now take home more money than I ever thought was possible for a general dentist. I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs…  Insurance is a non-issue for me.  My patients take advantage of their insurance, but they do what is needed regardless of their insurance coverage.

Paul B Nations, DDS

Almost immediately after implementing the marketing strategy we learned, our new patients changed from those who couldn’t afford our services to those who could. This made our work much easier! 

Our production went up and stayed up. We found that we’d set our goal too low ($80,000 per month). Now $100,000 – $130,000 is the norm. At first we were a little nervous about whether it would stay this way, but now there is no question about it. Our practice is stable, and it is impervious to economic volatility!


The marketing program they recommended resulted in a 50% increase in my new patients within 6 weeks.

Today my practice is at a level of production and collections that most solo practitioners never expect to see in their entire career. This level has become “the new normal” for me.

The system I learned from Judy and Chris was very simple and the results were practically instantaneous. The return on investment has been quite dramatic.

Ken Film, DDS And Teresa Film, Office Manager

The result has been MUCH higher new patient flow, much higher production and collections…

(We grew rapidly and are averaging about $30,000 more per month than we ever did before)

And it’s actually easier and less stressful than ever.


Stefanie Shore, DDS

I’m in solo practice, with emphasis on quality comprehensive care. When I first contacted Judy and Chris I was a couple of years into my own practice. I felt good about how our patients were being treated and cared for. But the practice was definitely not as productive as I knew it could be.

There were holes in the schedule, not enough quality new patients…

They immediately helped me implement the marketing system that created a steady flow of financially qualified new patients… and the majority of them accept and move forward with the treatment they need. 

Today my monthly collections are significantly better than before I started working with them. Now I have the income to live the lifestyle I want, save what I want to save, and do what I want to do. I’m completely happy with my financial situation.


Within a year I was able to build my practice to over $100,000 per month, without getting in network with a single additional insurance…

Not only that, but I don’t think I ever again heard “I only want to do what my insurance will cover”.


I thought it appropriate to write a few words and an overall about my experiences with you and your company over the years.

I met you when my general dental practice was struggling to eclipse $40K per month and was quite stagnant. Thinking all along that what I really needed was better quality new patients I answered what I have come to think of as “the magic postcard” from your company. Within the first month I hit $60K and went up from there, monthly. By August I had finally hit the ever alluring mark of $100K. Following your advice, that September we again had our best month ever to that point. It didn’t stop there. 

We just kept growing. Amazing. This was all due to just simply following your system and delivering exceptional care in dentistry. 

I do feel you have been more than anything else in my professional career…You are my family. Thank you for being the most incredible and caring people in the world to me. I feel that strongly about what you teach. It’s real, and will help our patients get what they really need, and the practice grow to its full potential bar none.

Omar Osman, DDS

I bought an existing practice, knew where I wanted to go and didn’t want to waste any time getting there. Yet there I was, a few months into it, just covering my expenses, but not having the experience or answers to take it to the next level. I was getting new patients, but they didn’t seem to be “the right type”.

I learned how to target my marketing to more financially qualified new patients… this resulted in almost all of my patients accepting the treatment that needed to be done to bring them to optimal oral health.

Today, I have a new problem – what to do with the extra income I’ve been making.



Before I started working with Judy Marcus… my staff situation was out of control, and I was not making any income from my practice.

Within six months after starting their program, my production had increased 100%…On my own, my practice has continually been able to produce more than double what it used to with two associates. I have a great staff, my overhead is no more than 60%, and I have been fully funding my retirement for the past one-and-a-half years. Total financial freedom is just a few short months away.

I also have no further need for continuous practice consulting. I have total confidence that I know exactly how to keep my practice running at its optimum level and even expand it further, by applying what I learned…

Needless to say, the stress I once had is virtually gone. I am very happy that I made the decision to work with Judy.


I was not achieving even close to my potential for new patients, production and collections.

Within six months of starting… my new patients had tripled, and production and collections had more than doubled. Shortly after that, my production and collections increased by another 50%, and I found that I was able to maintain these increases long term. Last month, I had my best month ever, producing and collecting over four times what I was doing when I first implemented their system.

I am now completely confident that I can rapidly achieve financial security and freedom through my practice for myself and my family, and I am doing it. The only thing I could have done better was start sooner.


My practice has historically been very insurance-driven, with a high percentage of write-offs and collections plateaued at a level well below our potential.

I implemented their system 3 months ago. My 4-chair practice was collecting about $44,000 per month. It’s 3 months later, and I just had my best collections month ever, nearly double from when I started with them!

What they deliver is an incredible value that I have not seen offered or available anywhere else!


Since starting… my practice has totally changed. I started in September of last year and began to see results right away. My new patients, as well as production and collections for October, November, and December were better than they have been in years. And the current month’s collections were more on the 19th than they used to be for an entire month!

When I started to implement the system on how to get more new patients, I immediately got in two big cases with very little effort. I am now attracting the type of new patients I want in my practice, and they are accepting the treatment they need. My office is much more organized and efficient. I have less stress and I enjoy going to work each day. Using what I’ve learned is what has made this all possible.


Before working with Judy and Chris, our practice was stuck at a level where we were surviving, but not growing, and there was no surplus with which to improve the practice or incentivize the staff. In fact, we were steadily declining. Our new patients numbers were not in a good range, but even when we would see more of them, our production and collections did not improve. Our treatment acceptance was largely based on maximizing patient insurance benefits, and not so much what the patients really needed to achieve optimal oral health.

As soon as we started working with them, we changed the way we were doing things, according to their recommendations… Patients who had been putting off their needed treatment for years were now accepting their full treatment plans.

Within 2 weeks, our weekly collections went up 72% over the average weekly collections from the previous year. We ended the first month 57% higher in collections than our usual, and we have sustained that level for the second month in a row.  Our treatment acceptance has been between 90%-100%.

All we did was follow the simple and easy to understand steps we were given, and it worked! We have received incredible value!


My biggest problems were a) poor quality patients, and b) poor case acceptance. These were not problems I was trained to deal with in dental school!

Within one week… I saw both of these problems start to turn around, and within a couple of months after that, we started experiencing significant progress. Our production numbers doubled, from $30,000 in June to $60,000 in September, and we have continued upwards from there.

Now, nine months after starting, we are a long way off from where we started, and the practice keeps growing. With what I have learned, I can see that I will be retiring early and teaching a lot sooner than I expected, because my finances will be in such good shape.


After just two months, I started seeing a marked improvement in my new patients, production and collections. Six months later, I had doubled my production and collections. In the last three months I have consistently produced and collected three times more than before. After less than a year, I am well on my way to achieving financial independence through my practice.

Thanks…you have saved my practice, and my life!


My friends told me it would take 3-5 years to build my new practice. Within just 6 months, my practice has doubled in production and collections, and the number of quality new patients has tripled. They have cut down the time I thought it would take to get my practice to where I wanted it to be, by two-and-a-half years!


I had a 2-day-a-week practice a year and a half ago, and was making little income. My wife was working as an associate in another practice, to make ends meet. I wanted to get this practice to where she did not have to work, and could work with me when she wanted.

In three months… I see that my dreams becoming reality. Yes, I was skeptical but what they teach is easy to use and gets very quick results.

With the marketing I learned, in three months I have been able to turn a 2-day-a–week practice into a busy 4-day-a-week practice – that is what I had always wanted.


We used to get 18 new patients per month. Now we see 14 per week – over 50 per month! Our hygiene is booked out for the next three months and the practice is growing steadily, exactly as we hoped it would.

The system is so effective that we’ve had to cut back on our marketing because we have been getting in so many new patients.

Other dentists tell me they are struggling to get in new patients. We’re getting in more than we can handle.


I’m bringing in more quality new patients and it’s making a big difference in the production. 

Since starting six months ago, I have seen a steady increase in production despite having taken time out of the practice.  My collections, which had been decreasing prior to taking this program, have increased to a new higher range. 

But the real difference is in the bottom line. I’m netting over $100,000 more per year. That’s after… all other expenses are taken into account. This is a very worthwhile return.


I have been able to attract a high volume of quality new patients to my practice. Last month, my production was $30,000 more than the previous month, and my collections nearly doubled! My staff and I are excited and enthusiastic about the progress that we’ve made, and the future of my practice is looking even better!


Within three months of implementing their system I learned, I was able to take my practice from producing $25,000 per month to $68,000 per month. I have also been able to employ other providers for my practice, so where I used to barely be able to take off 2 weeks per year, I can now take off up to 16 weeks in a year and still maintain my income!


When I started their system, the practice was producing $20,000 per month.  Within months after starting to apply what I learned, my practice had doubled and it continued to increase after that until it was producing $85,000 per month.  As a result, my take-home income went from $100,000 per year to double that in 18 months, and then continued to increase up to $400,000 per year.  I would say that what I learned was very effective in helping me bring this about.


I learned exactly how I could acquire qualified new patients from day 1, the system that has allowed me to experience rapid and sustainable growth (well beyond my expectations)…

Now… I did nearly 1 million last year, out of 3 operatories, in only my 3rd full year in practice! Working 4 days per week. And I’ve been seeing about 40 quality new patients per month since my first month.


I had owned my own practice for several years, but I had never been able to bring the production above the level of around $40,000 per month. I was doing some marketing, bringing in patients, but it just wasn’t increasing the bottom line the way I’d hoped it would. Then a friend referred me to Marcus Practice Solutions.

I knew I had found what I had been missing in all of my years in practice. In my first month after starting, my production and collections doubled. As to where I will be able to take my practice from here into the future, I can see that it will be beyond my wildest dreams.

Personally, my goal is to be debt-free within one year. Thanks to them, I now have the knowledge and ability to make that happen.

I thought the system would work – I never thought it would work as fast as it did!


I used to rely on managed care to bring in new patients.  Since implementing the (advice), I have been able to attract more fee-for-service new patients who are interested in getting the care they need. 


It’s four months since I started and my production has already increased over 50%.  I am much more comfortable and in control of my practice than before. 


In the past fourth months, production increased from just over $25,000 per month to $50,000. My practice is really turning around


New Patients have gone up from the usual 8-10 per month to 45 per month. This is a five-fold increase in quality, fee-for-service new patients.